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26 August 2008
I haven't updated this page in almost two years, so I doubt anyone checks it anymore, but just in case:
The picture gallery is working and updated again. It turned out that the 8 megapixel files from Kim's new camera were too big for the web server, so files are now 4 megapixels. New pictures start on page 7, with the newest on page 1.
If anyone wants me to keep the gallery updated, email me and let me know. Kim has been putting a few pictures on her blog, but the picture gallery is a little more convenient for large numbers of pictures, and has the advantage that you can download full resolution files for printing.
24 October 2006
I haven't updated this page in a while since Kim has her own news page now, so for those that may have missed it:
Connor is here! Born October 10th, 2006. 8lbs, 15oz. 20-1/2 in. long. See the usual places for news and pictures
29 July 2006
My web page moved to a new server system this week, so let me know if some of the picture gallery pages are not working properly. All of the pictures from the triplets' birthday trip to Canada are up. Be sure to check Kim's news page for updates. I don't update this page very frequently since Kim has her own page now.
18 Jan 2006
Added a new logging page for Kim to provide updates directly.
Check http://kim.chriscaudle.org for frequent updates on the triplets.
10 Jan 2006
Added seven month pictures. Notice that you can just see two teeth poking up in the bottom of Aidan's mouth, and one really small tooth poking up in the bottom of Zach's mouth. No teeth for Kaylee yet.
3 Jan 2006
Added pictures through Christmas day in the baby pictures gallery. Also added a new album for short video clips. If you have RealPlayer installed, you can click on the "no thumbnail" text and it will take you to a page for the video described in the caption. For now click the "Download audio" link to play the video. I'll eventually figure out how to tell the gallery program that it is video instead of audio.
14 Dec 2005
Added six month pictures here.
5 Dec 2005
New pictures from Thanksgiving in the gallery now.
17 Oct 2005
Added a "shopping cart" feature to the photo gallery which allows selecting multiple photos then downloading all selected photos in a single zip file. Just click the "Add Photo To Cart" link under each photo you would like to download (you will have to use your browser's back button each time to get back to the gallery), and when you have selected the last photo you want, use the "cart actions" drop down list in the upper right hand corner of the cart page to select "Download in Zip". Save the file when you get the popup asking what to do, and when you unzip the file you should have a directory which contains the full resolution versions of the picture files. The files will be pretty large, but are good enough quality that you can take them to WalMart or your photo finisher of choice to have prints made.
For those needing an unzip utility, you can use this freeware command line version.
11 Oct 2005
Added the babies' 4 month pictures to the gallery.
2 Sept 2005
Added more pictures to the baby's gallery. Changed the layout to two column for easier viewing on smaller screens. Added a new gallery which links to the pictures in the main baby gallery that we are taking every four weeks with the same stuffed animal. Without some reference, it is hard to get an idea from all the close up pictures how much they are actually growing, so hopefully having a consistent reference item in some of the pictures will let people get an idea of how much they are actually changing month to month.
2 August 2005
Updated baby pictures with pictures from Les and Frieda's visit, and a couple from Kirstin's (ongoing) visit.
13 July 2005
Second checkup today, and all the babies are doing find.
Aidan is 7lbs 12ozs now, Zack 7lbs 13ozs, and Kaylee is 6lbs 4ozs now.
Updated pictures in the usual place.
20 June 2005
All three babies came home today (Monday). We got home around 2PM this afternoon, and they have been getting used to their new home.
The hospital has a "care by parent" program where the parents spend a couple of nights in a room with the babies to get some experience taking care of the newborns by themselves. After experiencing a couple of days of feeding every three hours (which takes about an hour with two people together), probably not many website updates this week. Sleeping for an hour and a half and waking up again to feed babies gets tiring.
17 June 2005
Aidan finally figured out the connection between a full belly and that thing people keep shoving in his mouth, and began eating well Friday morning.
That means that unless something happens over the weekend, all three should be coming home with us Monday morning.
16 June 2005
Zack and Kaylee are off all their tubes tonight! They still have a couple of wires for monitoring their heart and respiration rates, but no more feeding tubes.
Aidan is still using a feeding tube part of the time. Hopefully he will be strong enough to take all of his feedings from a bottle in the next couple of days.
16 June 2005
Zack was completely off air assist and IV by Tuesday, which allowed all three babies to be placed in one crib. They all snuggle together under one blanket to keep warm. When they can keep their body temperatures stable for a few days, and eat all their meals from a nipple they will be able to come home, which should be within about a week or ten days at the rate they are progressing.
Tuesday pictures in the baby pictures gallery.
12 June 2005
Kim gets to come home today (Sunday the 12th) around noon.
Zack is off the pressure assisted breathing and down to a trickle of air through a nasal canula (the little vent tubes that rest under your nose). He will hopefully be weaned off that in a couple of days.
Kaylee and Aidan are both off their IV's now, and only have a feeding tube to help supplement their feeding. Both are sipping from a bottle, but their jaws are a little too weak to eat a full meal.
A couple of new pictures are up from Saturday.
9 June 2005
Aidan James, Zachary Aaron, and Kaylee Renee were all born about 8:05AM on Wednesday morning, June 8. Kim is doing fine, and the babies are doing well considering they are about a month before full term. They will probably be in Memorial Hermann hospital for about a week or two.
The baby pictures section of my photo gallery has been updated with pictures from their first morning and afternoon.
7 June 2005
The triplets are coming tomorrow! A bit early, we're not really ready and I'm not sure they are either, but the doctor says they are too squished, they have to come out now. Updates on Thursday or Friday.
1 May 2005
Added new pictures at the family pictures section of the photo gallery.
FYI, the photo gallery is running beta 2 of the Gallery software.
18 January 2005
Added a photo gallery to organize our rapidly growing collection of baby pictures. Which is kind of odd, since the babies won't be born for a few more months, but click the link and you can get to the albums.
1 December 2004
Babies on the way! Three! Click the link for a copy of the first ultrasound picture. We could see the heart beats already. Not much too look at, but I am assured by experts that those really are babies.
8 February 2004
'Gators! (link to slide show) A warm winter day brought out the 'gators in Brazos Bend State Park for a little sunbathing.
20 January 2003
Provided download of patch to kmatplot which allows compiling with gcc 3.2.
10 January 2003
Removed recommendation for output modifications to Technics surround processor. The results of that modification were not acceptable long term.
27 Oct 2002
Added pictures from Cozumel trip

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