Connor Caudle's recording debut

Connor has been learning songs in preschool this year, and when he saw me working with some new audio software, he wanted to know if he could record a song. He decided that the song he wanted to record was "The Teapot Song," by George Harold Sanders and Clarence Z. Kelley.

Listen live here

Click on the title below to start playing in the accompanying flash application (must have Adobe Flash plugin installed).

Download an MP3 copy

Right click on the link below and select "save as" to download a copy of the audio file to your own computer.

The Teapot Song

Video: recording the song

Can't do anything without the special features, so we recorded the session on video while we were recording the song.

For those of you using Firefox 4 or any recent version of Chrome, here is a version in the new WebM format, which will not require any plug-ins for those browser versions.

Page last updated: 8 May 2011